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World's First
DevOps Copilot

Deploy your entire multi-cloud stack quickly
and securely in just a few lines in English.
Free 100 credits. No credit card required.
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No Code

Deploy complex infrastructure in minutes in plain simple English.

Blazing Fast

Reduce average time to deploy web applications by upto 70% as compared to IaC.

Multi Cloud

Manage multi-cloud projects with ease. Private cloud support coming soon.


You are in control. Nothing executes without your permission.

Plug and play

Get started with over 10+ integrations. Including native support for AWS, Azure (coming soon) and GCP (coming soon). Integrations with all popular DevOps tools for a truly plug and play solution.


Our state-of-the-art AI understands your needs accurately and executes the correct actions. Repeat your deployments with confidence with depX workflows.

Anubhav Gupta


“depX helped us deploy Cutshort in no time. It saved us hundreds of hours in deployment time and allowed us to focus on business logic for our specific use-case from the start.”

Outperform your competitors in a cost-effective way

Just sit back and sip your coffee while our state-of-the-art AI does all the heavy lifting.


Not Another
ChatGPT Wrapper.

depX includes everything you need to architect and provision infrastructure.
Use it as a drop in replacement to IaC for your next deployment.

Chat Context.

depX remembers previous chats which boost your productivity. Context can be global and per chat.


States of your infrastructure are stored for a more fine-tuned experience.


Extensively documented, including demo videos, best practices, use-cases and examples.


Create organisations and onboard users and projects with ease with SSO integration.

Infrastructure Insights.

Get detailed insights on your infrastructure with just a line in English.


Native support for popular resources in AWS, Azure and GCP. Connect your cloud service provider to depX in just 2mins.


Monitor your cloud infrastructure with built-in monitoring dashboards. (Coming soon)

Prompt Generator.

Learn how to talk to depX like a pro. (Coming soon)

Workflow Automation.

Automate your deployments by creating and executing depX workflows. (Coming soon)

Loved by Tech People

Kiran Capoor

Head of Technology

“depX allows me to work on multiple projects simultaneously without skipping a beat. Managing multiple deployments is a breeze on depX.”

Anubhav Gupta

Founder, Cutshort

“depX gave us a perfect starting point for our project, an intuitive and user-friendly interface for boosting our productivity and a drop in replacement to IaC for ease of use.”

Get Started

A plan for every everyone. Pick the right plan for you.

Free Tier

Get started for free and test out depX.


100 credits

AWS integration

GitHub integration

Standard dashboard

Email support

SaaS deployment

1 Cloud provider

Developer Plan

For smaller teams looking to supercharge their DevOps.



100 credits/day

AWS integration

GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab integrations

Advanced dashboard

Chat, Email and Phone support

SaaS deployment

7 Cloud providers

Private beta access


For large organizations looking to scale their DevOps.

Let's Talk!

Unlimited credits

Unlimited integrations

Unlimited teams

SaaS, Private Cloud and On-Premises deployments

AWS, Azure, GCP support

Enterprise dashboard


Auditing and Analytics

Private beta access

Taxes may be applicable depending on your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free tier?
Yes, there is a free tier that gives 100 credits to get started.
How many credits do I get?
In the free tier, you get started with 100 credits total. The team plan gives you 100 credits per day. The enterprise
license does not have any restrictions.
Can I use depX for client work?
Yes, that's totally up to you, as long as it fits the license you purchase.
Can I use depX for Open Source projects?
If you're a fan of AI and accept the terms of use, then yes.
What integrations are supported out-of-the-box?
Currently we support AWS, Azure and GCP as well as repository integrations with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

The DevOps Copilot

Built by Abhinav Gupta

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